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Sinewave hearing is a hearing aid consulting retail chain venture started by a team of professionals from the hearing aid industry with around 20 years of patient service experience. Sinewave hearing is committed to following the Industry’s suggested standards and procedures to systematically select the right kind of hearing aid to address the appropriate patients’ hearing loss.

The central mission of the company is to bring back hearing with a sense of satisfaction and natural happiness in patients which will make them more confident to lead a healthy and contented life.

Hearing is one of the most important senses that determines the quality of life. It connects each of us together, helps to build relationships within the society through positive emotions.

We at Sinewave are focused on a mission to connect emotions and not just hearing. We believe and work considering our mission to be God’s own mission. We thrive on customer satisfaction and feedback and we take extra and utmost care to build stronger relationship with our esteemed customers


we believe that everyone deserves to hear the world around them.

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Unlock a world of sound and rediscover life's precious moments with our cutting-edge hearing aids. Say goodbye to missing out on conversations, music, and laughter – and hello to a world of vibrant, crystal-clear sound.

A person who is not able to hear as well as someone with normal hearing – hearing thresholds of 20 dB or better in both ears – is said to have hearing loss. Hearing loss may be mild, moderate, severe, or profound. It can affect one ear or both ears and leads to difficulty in hearing conversational speech or loud sounds.

‘Hard of hearing’ refers to people with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe. People who are hard of hearing usually communicate through spoken language and can benefit from hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive devices as well as captioning.

‘Deaf’ people mostly have profound hearing loss, which implies very little or no hearing. They often use sign language for communication.

Hearing loss and deafness